what is a upl?

An ultralight aircraft pilot license entitles one to fly aerodynamically controlled two-seater aircraft with a total take-off weight of up to 500 kg

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Theoretical part

The theory of flying is discussed in the classroom at the flying school and you are also studying our E-learning. After completing the first part of the theory, the practical part begins – flying.

A part of theoretical training is the course of radio operators of aircraft stations.

Practical part

A minimum of 15 flight hours plus 3 cross country is required to obtain a UPL.

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We provide Ultralight Aircraft Training and offer Ultralight Pilot Licence (UPL) for all, upon successful completion of training on Weight Shift or 3-Axis Aircrafts. Training can be carried out entirely on our own aircrafts from our own private training airfield at Nong Prue Airfield, Pattaya.

Our courses are designed in accordance with Civil Aviation Rules and Requirements and are approved by the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand. Accommodation (budget hotels/tented camps) is available if required. Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand will issue UPL Licence.

The ground courses of 15 hours are available for you to be able to complete your full pilot certificate and cover every aspect of flying. We offer a complete package and the course can be tailored to suit your requirements. From having a trial flight, conversion course, ground tuition, exams, general flying test, radio course and certificate and cross country endorsement, you can choose what you like (one or more).

We offer a modern, fully certified training facility, which includes:
• The latest model, fully certified and meticulously maintained aircraft
• Clean and security monitored hangar
• Air-conditioned classrooms
• 450 meters private airstrips for training

To be able to obtain a pilot certificate for an Ultralight the student must be over the age of 17, in good health (i.e. Class 4 medical)

We use the Quicksilver Ultralight for 3-axis training. For Gyro training we use Magni and Auto Gyro models, which are known for their ease of handling and simplicity. This is the same way we approach our theory training. We provide all of the theory required to obtain your pilots certificate and a considerable amount of time to give you the confidence to fly safely

The School operates mainly every day, depending upon the weather conditions. Actual course times vary with each student; the minimum legal requirement is that each student must complete 18 hours of flight tuition of which 3 hours must be cross country. It is not necessary that everyone may achieve a pilot certificate in 18 hours, as this is usually not the case. 20 – 30 hours training is required for most students to achieve the required proficiency.

After completing the training with us, we will issue Club’s Certificate and provide the recommendation letter for issuing Ultralight Pilot Licence to Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand, CAAT.

Our Aircraft

We have a wide choice of ultra light aircraft available from the latest gyrocopters, fixed wing aircraft, paraplanes and other light aircraft.

auto gyro cavlon

Engine: Rotax 914 UL (Turbo with 115 HP)

Cruising Speed: 145 km/h

Range: 5.5 hrs

magni 24 orion

Engine: Rotax 914 UL (Turbo with 115 HP)

Cruising Speed: 150 km/h

Range: 4 hrs

SeaMax Sea Plane

Retractable landing gear for water landings and takeoff

Rotax 912 with 80 Hp bo with 115 HP)

Cruising Speed: 115 km/h


Quick Sliver Sport 2

Rotax 582 with 65 Hp

Faster and slightly more advanced 50 knot landings

Quick Silver sprint Mx 2 - with floats

Rotax 583 with Hp 97 and 170kgs thrust

With Floats For Water Landings

quck silver sprint mx 2

Rotax 582 with Hp 65 

Slow landing speed of 40 knots perfect for training first time pilots

coming soon...

Cross country plane

meet our instructor

Narint Lohathong is our UPL instructor approved by the CAAT (Cival Aviation Authority Of Thailand) and has over 30 years flying experience.

He is very well respected within the Thai aviation community and founded the paragliding and hang gliding in Thailand as well as being the Thai national coach for airsport.

Narint Lohathong

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