Come and see Pattaya like never before.
Fly With Us is a privately owned operation with headquarters in Pattaya,
Introductory Flights, training UPL
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Join us to discover the thrill of flying over the beautiful area of Pattaya in our fleet of gyrocopters, fixed wing and other ultra light aircraft with experienced, qualified pilots for an experience you will never forget.

Located at Eastern Airfield on the outskirts of Pattaya just two hours from Bangkok is set in beautiful grounds with large hangers to accomodate many sizes of aircraft. We are a privatly owned operation offering you the oppurtunity to fly in these incredible aircraft over the stunning landscape of Pattaya and surrounding areas.

We offer introductory flights all the way up to flight training to gain your own ultra light pilots licence.


Our Aircraft

We have a wide choice of ultra light aircraft available from the latest gyrocopters, fixed wing aircraft, paraplanes and other light aircraft.

auto gyro cavlon

Engine: Rotax 914 UL (Turbo with 115 HP)

Cruising Speed: 150 km/h

Range: 5.5 hrs

magni 24 orion

Engine: Rotax 914 UL (Turbo with 115 HP)

Cruising Speed: 130 km/h

Range: 4 hrs

SeaMax Sea Plane

Retractable landing gear for water landings and takeoff

Rotax 912 with 80 Hp bo with 115 HP)

Cruising Speed: 185 km/h


Quick Sliver Sport 2

Rotax 582 with 65 Hp

Faster and slightly more advanced 50 knot landings

Quick Silver sprint Mx 2 - with floats

Rotax 583 with Hp 97 and 170kgs thrust

With Floats For Water Landings

quck silver sprint mx 2

Rotax 582 with Hp 65 

Slow landing speed of 40 knots perfect for training first time pilots

coming soon...

Cross country plane

Photo & Video tours

Our aircraft have excellent visability with very large windows, great for taking photos and videos of the beautiful area of Pattaya

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